Discover Ondine Plate With Vegetables

The philosophy of Ondine

Ondine is the titanium, non-toxic professional cookware brand founded in 2018, after five years of research and development. More than just beautiful cookware, Ondine exemplifies Marie’s philosophy of enhancing the enjoyment of food and cooking through a focus on nutrition and non-toxic living.

Ondine’s signature is the use of 316ti titanium grade stainless steel, currently the very best cookware material available. This ensures no chemicals or treatments are used, which can often contaminate the nutritional balance and taste of the food we cook.

Combing artistic form with innovative function, Ondine cookware is designed to go straight from oven to table: made using the very best materials for healthy non-toxic cooking, but also meticulously crafted as beautiful objects to be used again and again, and passed down through the generations.

“When my first child was born I was spending a lot of time in my kitchen cooking nutritious meals, but I struggled to find cookware that was both non-toxic and aesthetically pleasing. It is counter-productive to cook thoughtful, organic meals in badly-made cookware. I felt strongly enough that I spent time learning about the harmful toxins in our environment, and which materials were the best to avoid toxicity in the kitchen. We selected the highest grade 316ti Titanium to create the Ondine range, which protects both the taste and the nutrients in your food.

I translated my passion for health and nutrition into Ondine, but it also represents my love of art and design. I believe in ‘oven to table’ cooking which is both helpful for preparation and also a loving, bonding way to serve at the table. Ondine cookware is designed to be a beautiful heirloom, something elegant and timeless that you are always proud to have pride of place.”

Ondine Medium Saucepan Popcorn

Ondine is built on the philosophy of enjoying food and enhancing the experience of cooking in a mindful, non-toxic way

A story of cratfsmanship

Marie spent five years working with Italy’s top artisans to create a range of unique, practical and beautiful cookware. Every detail, from the simplicity and elegance of the design, to the hand-finished brass handles, has been considered for timeless style, functionality and innovation.